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Conjure and Crime – a new approach to my Florida novels

I have added the phrase “conjure and crime” to the Amazon descriptions of “Conjure Woman’s Cat” and “Eulalie and Washerwoman” because in all the talk about folk magic, I haven’t emphasized the fact that crimes occur in both of these novels and Eulalie must solve them.

Neither book is listed in the crime genre because that seemed misleading what with the genre’s focus on police procedurals, FBI cases, private investigators and other mainstream story types.

Nonetheless, I’m trying to alter my promotion slightly to show that these novels are also about crimes, crimes the police can’t or won’t solve, and about city fathers and police who support the KKK on one hand and illegal gambling operations (because they get a cut) on the other.

The emphasis is true to the reality of the 1950s in much of Florida when the novels are set.




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