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Yes, bookstores can order my paperback novels

I’ve added the Thomas-Jacob Publishing logo to my cover photograph because this wonderful traditional publisher has published some of my Kindle books, audiobooks and paperbacks.

What this means is that you can walk into your local bookstore for my books rather than buying on line. If they’re not already on the shelf, the folks there can order my paperbacks from their Ingram catalogue under the same standard bookstore terms and conditions that brought all the other books into their store. Some stores, including one in the town where I live have bookshelves reserved for local authors. We appreciate that.

This includes Sarabande, Conjure Woman’s Cat, and Eulalie and Washerwoman.

Personally, I prefer ordering books from local stores, especially the locally own, independents because that puts money back into the community through salaries, property taxes and business license feels. Beats sending those dollars off to the major online booksellers. And when you buy locally, you don’t have order more books that you really want to get free shipping.




Bookstore free speech check list

The American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE) is the bookseller’s voice in the fight for free speech. Its mission is to promote and protect the free exchange of ideas, particularly those contained in books, by opposing restrictions on the freedom of speech; issuing statements on significant free expression controversies; participating in legal cases involving First Amendment rights; collaborating with other groups with an interest in free speech; and providing education about the importance of free expression to booksellers, other members of the book industry, politicians, the press and the public.”


Bookstores are often on the front lines when it comes to freedom of speech. Do your customers know that you promote free speech? Do your authors? If you work at (or own) a bookstore are you ready to handle complaints about authors, books and customer records. Here’s a handy checklist from the ABFEE (read the details on line here):


Here’s another checklist to keep in mind whenever you host a reading and signing for a controversial author.

As we said in scouting, “Be Prepared.”





Why Your Book Distribution May Be Disappointing

“This is for all of the authors or presses that wonder why their books aren’t appearing in stores; aren’t being sold in e-book form on but are on Amazon; aren’t available for order if a store wants to get copies; and any other question that might arise regarding the overall concern of “why isn’t my book selling?”   The answer is about book distribution and sales: just because a book is distributed, doesn’t mean it is actually in a store.”

Source: Publishing 101: Why Your Book Distribution May Be Disappointing – Where Writers Win

As I my publisher says, do your homework before you commit to a distributor, publishing method or platform (or anything else). In this case, does the distribution system you like actually say it can place your books in a bricks and mortar store?

The fact that one of its books might have ended up in a store some years ago is not a guarantee. The bottom line, of course, is that your paperback book must be returnable. If it isn’t, few stores will even take a look.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of “Sarabande” and “Conjure Woman’s Cat.”

Book thief vents rage on laureate’s poetry with shotgun

Book thief vents rage on laureate’s poetry with shotgun.

“Two-time U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins has been blasted by critics before but never this literally.”

As far as I know, nobody has blasted one of my books with a 410 shotgun. However, if they’re going to express their views this way, disappointed readers should at least use a real shotgun instead of the kind you buy as some teen’s first gun for skeet shooting. Collins should protest.


America’s Authors Guild presses US justice department to get aggressive with Amazon

America’s Authors Guild has met with the US department of justice to call for an antitrust investigation into Amazon, slamming the internet retailer’s “ruthless tactics of directly targeting Hachette authors” in the dispute between the two corporations.

via America’s Authors Guild presses US justice department to get aggressive with Amazon | Books |

How do you think the Guild will fare?


While I’m an author, I am not a member of the Authors Guild.

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