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Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of magical realism and contemporary fantasy novels as well as the comedy/mystery Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire

Literary Fiction

  • Mountain Song, published on Kindle, February 26, 2917. David Ward lives in the Montana mountains where his life was impacted by his medicine woman grandmother and his utilitarian grandfather. Anne Hill suffered through childhood abuse and ultimately moved in with her aunt on the edge of a Florida swamp. Their summer romance at a mountain resort hotel surprises both of them. But can they make it last after the initial passion wears off and they return to their college studies far apart from each other especially after an attack on a college street changes Anne forever?


  • At Sea, published on Kindle, March 3, 2016, is the story of would-be conscientious objector David Ward who flirts with the idea of leaving the U.S. to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. The price of doing that seems too high, so he enlists in the navy and serves aboard an aircraft carrier in the Gulf on Tonkin. In many ways, those aboard the ship are friendlier than the friends and family back home. This novel was previously published in a different form as The Sailor (now out of print).

Contemporary Fantasy

  • SarabandeCover2015Sarabande, second edition, Thomas-Jacob Publishing, November 1, 2015. Kindle edition available on Amazon for pre-order. Sarabande is a young widow who has been haunted by the ghost of her dead sister for three years. Seeking help, she leaves her adjacent universe via a hidden portal in Glacier National Park and undertakes a long journey to Illinois to find an old friend who should be able to help. It’s a journey through hell and that friend wants to turn her away.

Magical Realism with a Dash of FantasyAvailable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, OmniLit, Apple and Smashwords.

  • KIndle cover 200x300Conjure Woman’s Cat – Lena (the cat) and Eulalie (the conjure woman) live in a small, north Florida town during the 1950s that’s controlled by old white families and the Klan. When a local girl is raped and left to die by three white men from a prominent family, the police decide the incident is an accident stemming from the girl’s purported ill health. Lena and her conjure woman have work to do, but with spells and herbs rather than guns and burning crosses; in a world of pines and blues and turpentine camps, that may not be enough, especially at a time when Eulalie’s own past is coming back to haunt her. Learn more on the Conjure Woman’s Cat website. Thomas-Jacob Publishing, 2015
  • ewkindlecoverEulalie and Washerwoman – Eulalie and Lena search for their small town’s disappearing men in this sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat. The villain turns out to be the evil conjure man who calls himself Washerwoman. He’s got a lot of money, plenty of magic, and connections with the town’s movers and shakers. It’s always hard to fight city hall, especially when city hall and the KKK are pretty much the same group of people. Our conjure woman has to find her best magic for this tale.

Contemporary Fantasy – Available on Kindle

  • TSScoverjourneysThe Sun Singer (4th Edition) – Robert Adams is a normal teenager who raises tropical fish, makes money shoveling snow off his neighbors’ sidewalks, gets stuck washing the breakfast dishes, dreads trying to ask girls out on dates and enjoys listening to his grandfather’s tall tales about magic and the western mountains. Yet, Robert is cursed by a raw talent his parents refuse to talk to him about: his dreams show him what others cannot see.
    When the family plans a vacation to the Montana high country, Grandfather Elliott tells Robert there’s more to the trip than his parents’ suspect. The mountains hide a hidden world where people the ailing old man no longer remembers need help and dangerous tasks remain unfinished. Thinking that he and his grandfather will visit that world together, Robert promises to help.
    On the shore of a mountain lake, Robert steps alone through a doorway into a world at war where magic runs deeper than the glacier-fed rivers. Grandfather Elliott meant to return to this world before his health failed him and now Robert must resurrect a long-suppressed gift to fulfill his promises, uncover old secrets, undo the deeds of his grandfather’s foul betrayer, subdue brutal enemy soldiers in battle, and survive the trip home.  Kindle Direct Publishing, 4th edition, 2015.

Comedy/Mystery – Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, OmniLit, Apple and Smashwords from Vanilla Heart Publishing.

  • $3.99 on Kindle

    $3.99 on Kindle

    Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire – Mainstream humor with a dash of mystery… A throwback to Hollywood’s film noir reporters, Jock Stewart is out of touch with the looming world of digital journalism.

    While he goes out of his way to mock those in authority by pretending to kowtow to them, he admits he does his best work by “being an asshole.” A mix of Don Rickles and Don Quixote, Stewart is the man for the job when the skirts are up and the chips are down…

    Hard-boiled reporter Jock Stewart wakes up on the morning after the Star-Gazer office party with a hangover and an old flame in his bed and he cuddles up with the mayor’s wife in the back seat of a 1953 Desoto. Between these defining moments, he investigates the theft of the mayor’s race horse Sea of Fire and the murder of his publisher’s girl friend, Bambi Hill.

    Stewart discovers the truth for his news stories via an interview style based on lies, pretense and audacious behavior… Vanilla Heart Publishing, 2nd Edition, 2014





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