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Summer of Love Remembered – bus tours

The Magic Bus is a colorfully painted hippie style bus outfitted with a full sound system and video projectors. At times screen lower over the windows turning the bus into a moving movie theater that shows documentary footage of San Francisco’s the Summer of LOVE, the Human Be-In  in Golden Gate Park and other seminal events such as the Civil Rights movement, as well as swirling light shows and psychedelic imagery.

via Magic Bus Tours – Summer of Love

I missed the 1967 San Francisco summer of love, now celebrated 50 years late, by a year because I spent that summer in Europe. But love was still everywhere in 1968. I was in the navy then, so I didn’t feel the same amount of love as those who wore tie-dyed jeans and long hair were feeling.

I was born across the Bay from San Francisco and in 1968, I still had an aunt who loved there on a hill above the Mission District. So, I had a place to hide when I wasn’t standing duty aboard ship.

If you live near or are going to San Francisco between September 23 and September 30, these magical bus tours will either be nostalgia for your eyes–or perhaps a culture clash.



Traveling to Allerton Park

sunsingerallertonphotoIf your journey takes you through central Illinois, consider stopping at Allerton Park in Monticello. There are lovely trails, formal gardens and magnificent statuary.

I saw the park when I was in grade school and, many years later, named my novel The Sun Singer after the famous statue there of the same name by Carl Milles. The 75-year-old statue was restored to its original brilliance in 2007.

I had dreams about the statue after seeing it, probably because we left the park at the end of the day’s visit in a violent thunder storm before driving back to my grandparent’s house in nearby Decatur.

Lack of time and money have kept me from visiting Allerton Park again, but I would like to. Allerton has a decent website, though it could use a lot more pictures. That’s a poor substitute to being there or to driving through the neighborhood in Decatur where my grandparents lived and looking at the locations featured in my novels The Sun Singer, Sarabande and The Betrayed.

TSScover2014My novel The Sun Seeker is a hero’s journey novel in which the young protagonist Robert Adams must learn to harness the energy of the sun and use it to fight the armies of the evil king. I couldn’t find a better inspiration that a statue dedicated to Apollo in a nature preserve along the Sangamon River.

Stop and visit and maybe you’ll have memorable dreams as well.





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