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This blog started on blogger and moved over here to WordPress in 2012. I’ve enjoyed posing here . . . now comes the “but”

But keeping up with two blogs is taking too much time. My primary blog has always been Malcolm’s Round Table even though this one served as a temporary web site while I was changing my website software to a less-expensive plan.

I’ll leave this blog here for a while in case there’s anything in the archive you absolutely have to read.

I hope you’ll visit Malcolm’s Round Table as well as Conjure Woman’s Cat.

Thank you for all the visits and your comments.



Laughable Spam

I know little or nothing about the SPAM business, so I have no idea how spammers decide to post on one blog or another. Those of us who are self-employed are told to target our ads for better results. So, I don’t place ads for my novels in computer magazines or trade blog posts with folks who focus on water skiing.

Maybe the spammers send out bots to find our blogs and they then dump messages about Viagra and dating sites randomly across the Internet. They usually begin with “I read your blog every day” and then include the advertisement

So, those of you who are promoting access to content sites who claim to read my blog and follow, “We know it’s tedious maintaining blogs with fresh content so, rather than struggling to write your own, why not buy our articles?”

I can answer that quickly: because I’m a writer. 

Your SPAM about reading my blog every day and then suggesting I need somebody to write it for me has provided me with many amusing moments. Of course, since my anti-SPAM program blocks your comments, my readers aren’t laughing about it. Kind of a bummer, isn’t it?

However, I do apologize with my readers for not sharing the humorous (and tricky) comments.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of multiple novels and short stories and several thousand blog posts.



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