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Sometimes, it’s hard to concentrate on writing

Life gets in the way.

One of our three 15-year-old cats died last week of a blood clot that shut down a major artery. There’s no warning with this problem, somewhat common in cats. The house feels emptier now. The two other cats are more clingy than usual, though our intuition tells us they’re more accepting of the natural order of things than my wife and I are.

Meanwhile, my favorite place on the planet, Glacier National Park, Montana, has a dangerous fire on its western side. The Sprague fire has already burnt down a historic chalet (Sperry) that was built by the Great Northern Railway (now BNSF) in 1913. The fire continues to spread behind high winds and dry conditions and is now threatening Lake McDonald Lodge.

Sperry Chalet

I keep checking the news as well as the InciWeb site for updates. At my age, I could do little or nothing if I were there. But still, I feel that I should be there. That’s lunacy, of course, but feelings often come in out of nowhere.

As writers, we face all kinds of distractions. I came home from a week-long vacation in North Carolina where I saw the eclipse with my family, ready to write. The vacation was a better tonic than any doctor could have prescribed. But now these worries have gotten in the way.

Writers are more or less human, I guess.

Meanwhile, I appreciate all of you who downloaded free copies of Mountain Song and The Sun Singer during the Dog Days of August Sale August 28-31. Thank you!




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