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How Do I Know Which Book Promo Sites Are Legit?

“If you go to our site and click on the tab “Book Promo Sites” – while we do not endorse any particular site, those sites have been vetted and used by at least some of our staff. We would not list them on the site if they took advantage of authors. We cannot state that any of them perform a certain way, so you may or may not have success, but they are not known to scam authors.”

via From the Mail Room: How Do I Know Which Book Promo Sites Are Legit? – Indies Unlimited

Many of us rely heavily on book review sites since major sites such as Book List, Kerkus. Publishers Weekly, and other mainstream sites won’t touch a small press or self-published book (with the exception of pay-for-review programs), so finding those that will make a difference is an important project.

They can help spread the word, but for most of us, few miracles will occur. Making them part of a larger program of platform building seems to give us our best shot.


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