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Relaxed, Inspired and Ready to Write Again After a Vacation

In an earlier post, I confessed that a writer friend and I are both burnt out from the slings and arrows of book promotion in a world weighted heavily toward mainstream authors and their books.

Lesa and I experiencing the ambiance.

A one-week trip to Highlands, NC made me feel a lot better. For one thing, we had a wonderful rental cabin. For another thing it was filled with six other family members, my brother and his wife from Orlando, and my daughter, her husband and two granddaughters from Rockville, MD.

It’s difficult to list all the wonders of the trip. One was showing my daughter’s family some of our favorite places, including Tallulah Gorge in northern Georgia, Asheville’s Biltmore House, a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and some great waterfalls, including the widely known Sliding Rock north of Brevard, NC.

There was, of course, the eclipse, viewed from the deck of our cabin. We experienced totality, but didn’t see it due to cloud cover. But moments after the darkness went away, the sun appeared through breaks in the clouds and we got to see it as a crescent through our NASA-approved glasses.

We built in a lot of relaxation time around the cabin. I think my granddaughters had more fun blowing bubbles on the deck than anything else. Gosh, we had that same sort of bubble-making soap when we were kids.

There was a nice dinner out at Wolfgang’s at Highlands (highly recommended) and a tasty lunch down at Goats on the Roof where–after we ate–granddaughters Freya and Beatrice tried out the Old Goat Mining sluice, looking for “gem stones” in sacks of dirt. My brothers and I did this when we were kids at one of the Smoky Mountain area’s Ruby Mining places where we thought we’d become rich. hahahah

It was nice to get away, visit with family, and spend time with vistas and waterfalls and quiet moments away from writing, computers, and work. I think my muse approves.




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