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A week’s vacation from writing with a good excuse

Let’s get the excuse out of the way first: The eclipse.


I know, the eclipse isn’t lasting a week, but we’re several hours away from the house in a mountain cabin in Highlands, North Carolina.

My wife and I got here Friday. So did my brother and his wife from Florida. Though there were eclipse information signs on the highways saying “expect delays” and “don’t block roadway,” traffic was light. It was still light today when we sent out to the grocery store to stock up on food.

My daughter, her husband, and my two granddaughters from Maryland will arrive tonight. They’re behind schedule, though I’m not clear whether it’s because of eclipse traffic or an interstate back up caused by a wreck.

The good news is that we can see the total eclipse from the cabin’s deck. Otherwise, it will be fun getting together with family in a spacious cabin that we reserved in March to make sure we could get something for this weekend.

Depending on traffic, we have a few sightseeing ideas in mind. My wife and I have been to this area a lot, though never in Highlands itself. We brought my daughter to the Smoky mountains when she was little, and she hopes to show her daughters where she was in those old photographs.

Here’s hoping for clear skies in Highlands and wherever you are as well.



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4 thoughts on “A week’s vacation from writing with a good excuse

  1. Looks like you would be having a good time even without the eclipse, but here’s to clear skies anyway!

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