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Should Albee’s Unfinished Work be Destroyed?

“Edward Albee died last fall. But the renowned playwright is making one last request from the great beyond.

“Albee wants two of his friends to destroy any incomplete manuscripts he left behind.”

via Edward Albee’s Final Wish: Destroy My Unfinished Work – The New York Times

The public probably best knows his play and movie “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Scholars say the playwright’s wishes should be ignored, stating that unfinished works (and presumably any letters or notes) will help the world better understand his creativity and work processes.

The executors of the estate say they will follow his wishes. Yet, according to the story, it’s unclear whether or not any material has been destroyed or whether copies of Albee’s unpublished works might be also elsewhere.

If I were the executor, I would destroy the work simply because there’s no inherent right for the public to see it. The only exception might be a work that he planned to publish that has, to back up that prospect, supporting letters and other materials showing he was negotiating with a publisher at the time of his death.

What do you think?



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6 thoughts on “Should Albee’s Unfinished Work be Destroyed?

  1. I agree with you!

  2. Totally agree with you.

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