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Free audiobook: ‘Conjure Woman’s Cat’

I have a few ACX codes for those of you who would like to listen to the audiobook edition of Conjure Woman’s Cat. This edition won a prestigious Red Earphones Award from AudioFile Magazine. That means my narrator Wanda J. Dixon did a wonderful job!

To get your ACX code, which allows you to order the book from Audible for free, e-mail me at Put “Conjure Woman’s Cat” in the header. Just say something like, please send me a code, and tell me if you’re going to use Audible US or Audible UK.

I’ll hit REPLY and send you the code. Then, come back here and click on the graphic to go to the book’s listing on Audible (US).

Or, if you live in the UK, click here for the book’s listing.

You’ll either see a field where you can enter the code or a link that says “Do you have a promotion code?’

I don’t have 100000000000000 codes, but the few I do have are first come, first served.

Book’s Description

Lena, a shamanistic cat, and her conjure woman Eulalie live in a small town near the Apalachicola River in Florida’s lightly populated Liberty County, where longleaf pines own the world. In Eulalie’s time, women of color look after white children in the homes of white families and are respected, even loved, but distrusted and kept separated as a group. A palpable gloss, sweeter than the state’s prized tupelo honey, holds their worlds firmly apart. When that gloss fails, the Klan restores its own brand of order. When some white boys rape and murder a black girl named Mattie near the sawmill, the police have no suspects and don’t intend to find any. Eulalie, who sees conjure as a way of helping the good Lord work His will, intends to set things right by “laying tricks.” But Eulalie has secrets of her own, and it’s hard not to look back on her own life and ponder how the decisions she made while drinking and singing at the local juke were, perhaps, the beginning of Mattie’s ending.

AudioFile Magazine Review Excerpt

Wanda J. Dixon’s warmth and gorgeous singing voice are superb in this story about Conjure Woman Eulalie, which is told through the voice of her cat and spirit companion, Lena. Dixon zestfully portrays Eulalie, who is “older than dirt” and is kept busy casting spells, mixing potions, and advising people–that is, when the “sleeping” sign is removed from her door. Most distinctive is Eulalie’s recurring sigh, which conveys her frustration with Florida in the 1950s, when Jim Crow laws and “Colored Only” signs were routine. Dixon’s Lena is fully believable when she spies around town and reports to Eulalie that rednecks have raped and murdered a young women. They almost escape until Eulalie persuades a witness to come forward. Listeners will marvel at the magical realism in this story and benefit from the helpful glossary of the charming local dialect. S.G.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile

I hope you enjoy the book.



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