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Starting the new year with a jig saw puzzle

Getting close to done while Katy wonders why we're still awake.

Getting close to done while Katy wonders why we’re still awake.

At our ages (which are none of your business) we no longer race out on New Year’s Eve and drink until the cows come home, go home with the wrong partners from the neighborhood bar, or stand around in Times Square. On the other hand, we didn’t go to bed before midnight.

In fact, we went to bed a little later than usual because we were finishing up the 1000-word jigsaw puzzle my wife bought me for Christmas. We haven’t done one of these for years. Surprisingly, we still have the patience for it. As you can see, it features a collage of bestselling books.

Thomas-Jacob Publishing

historyofmybodyMy small Florida publisher continues to grow.  As most of you already know, my new book for 2016 was Eulalie and Washerwoman, the sequel to the award-winning Conjure Woman’s Cat. Author Sharon Heath has joined our group with her wonderful novel  The History of my Body.  Look for a sequel coming this year.

Meanwhile, we have three new audiobooks: My own Eulalie and Washerwoman, and Smoky Zeidel’s The Storyteller’s Bracelet and The Cabin, as well as a new paperback and e-book release from Melinda Clayton, A Woman Misunderstood.

While my wife looks for some new jigsaw puzzles, I’ve been getting some review copies of Eulalie and Washerwoman packaged up and ready to mail. I’ve also been working on Mountain Song, a Kindle novel which I hope will be ready by March. Some readers want another story in the Florida Folk Magic Series and some want another story in the Mountain Journeys Series. It’s hard to decide which way to go.

Getting the word out about small press books often feels like a jigsaw puzzle. If you enjoy reading them, we hope you’ll stop by Amazon and leave a reader review saying what you thought. If your local bookstore wants to order them, tell them the books are available through their Ingram catalog.

Now, just to prove we finished the puzzle, here it is:



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