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Hometown Reads, a new place for authors

“Thanks for visiting Hometown Reads! We’re launching our site for Toledo authors and readers first, with plans to quickly expand to other Midwest cities, and then across the country. As of March 2016, we’re in beta, with plans to add more features, resources, and opportunities as we grow. ”

Source: Hometown Reads

I have mixed feelings about sites and programs for indie authors. On one hand, I wonder if appearing on such sites simply alerts readers to the fact that we’re not mainstream authors so that they dismiss us without a second look. But I also like the idea of getting the word out and hope that one day the mainstream media and its reviewers will take us seriously. (Once again, this year’s “best of” and “most overlooked” book lists included no ultra-small presses and authors.)

So how do we get on the radar? Traditionally, one starts in his or her home town and works to become known there first. I hope this new site will help that happen.




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