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However you celebrate the holidays, I hope you find joy and peace

Random thoughts from my Facebook authors page:

Gift Wrapping

2016treeI’ve never been close to competent when wrapping gifts. While the gifts from my wife appear beneath the tree with perfectly squared-off edges, tight corners, minimal tape, and wonderful ribbons and bows, my presents to her look like they were wrapped by a kindergarten dropout (too much extra tape, ragged paper edges, words and designs not squared off around the box, and stick-on bows.) It’s the thought that counts, right?

I just finished wrapping my wife’s gifts. Sad to say, they look worse than last year’s gifts. She’s used to this! Let’s hope she likes what’s inside. (I had a few hints about books she was interested in because we both know from experience I can’t guess at those.)

Plus, my wrapping paper is ready made to be ripped off the gifts and handed over to the cats to play with.

Putting Bad News on Hold

In Georgia–and perhaps in other states as well–speeding fines are doubled when drivers race through roadwork zones. This came about as a result of too many worker fatalities and injuries.

I’ve been thinking that we should consider doing something similar for all crimes committed during the December holidays. As threats of increased fines slow down some drivers, perhaps threats of increased fines and/or increased jail time would make some potential criminals stop and think before pulling the trigger, kicking in the door, or punching somebody in a dark alley.

The result: we can all celebrate the holiday of our choice without seeing so many screaming headlines about murder, kidnapping, robbery, road rage, and other unlovable activities. Since it’s hard to meditate upon love, forgiveness, and other holy things while mayhem as usual is going on outside the door, perhaps enlightened lawmakers will find ways to discourage “crime and usual.”

tjholidaysWell, perhaps this is something that sounds a little fictional, the synopsis of potential novel, so if you think of any story ideas along these lines, this is your writing prompt for today. If not, call your state and federal representatives and say you need a rest from discouraging headlines for the rest of the year.

First Christmas Tree in Years

Our house feels more festive than usual. We always have a garland with lights around the front door along with other outside decorations. But, in a house with three cats, we’ve had too many broken ornaments and too many tree catastrophes to put up a tree for a long time. But this year, we said, we’d do it and hope for the best.

So, we extracted an artificial tree and covered it with lights and some freshly purchased shatter-proof ornaments. So far, the tree has been slightly tipped up against the wall once and only one ornament has been pulled off and placed on a desk. Wish we’d thought of this before: the tree transforms the room and makes the inside of our house feel like a place to seek peace and joy as we celebrate the magic of the season.



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6 thoughts on “However you celebrate the holidays, I hope you find joy and peace

  1. I hope that you and your family have a peaceful, loving and joyous Holiday, Malcolm!

  2. This is the second year in a row we’ve had an artificial tree. Up until then we had real ones, but as prices got higher and higher for Charlie Brown trees that were half dead by the time we bought them, I finally caved and agreed to artificial. I love it – can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. We can walk by it without half the needles falling off! At first I thought I’d miss the evergreen smell, but that’s what Yankee candles are for. 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

    • Artificial trees have gotten better and don’t look as fake as they once did. Plus, as time goes by, you don’t hear that slow rainfall sound of dying needles falling town on the packages. We hope you guys have a great Christmas, too.

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