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Which mobster am I? Give me a break.

Do you ever wonder (and, if you don’t, why not?) if some people on Facebook have too much time on their hands. Some days, my news feed there is overrun by people posting new stuff every five minutes. Some of these people have full time jobs with (a) nothing to do, (b) no supervision, or (c) a mandate from management to annoy others.

Those tidal waves of posts are often slogans, ads for products, political jousting, and everything but words that actually engage the readers.

Among the worthless posts are the tons of purported quizzes (which, in reality, supply personal information to advertisers) with questions like:

  • Which Star Wars character are you?
  • Which famous writer would you like to be?
  • If you ran a bordello, which of your friends would work there?
  • And, the one I just noticed yesterday: “Which Mafioso am I?”

mobsterGive me a break.

Why would I want to pretend to have anything in common with a killer, pimp, extornist, or thug?

Now, if the software was actually hooked up to the Akashic records (that cosmic database that knows more about each of us than the FBI, NSA, Facebook, and Google) and could tell me that I was the reincarnation of Machine Gun Kelley or Ma Barker, that might be information I could use. Especially if I learned enough secrets to write a tell-all novel.

I suspect the “Which Mobster Am I?” quiz is hooked up to a random number generator that spits out a picture and some murder stats about one of several mobsters and then proclaims, “Malcolm, you are Al Capone.” Great, now I feel like a real scumbag.

Once you post this on your Facebook profile, all your friends chime in with smiley faces and/or confessions of which mobsters they were.

And we claim to be adults–apparently, with time to kill.




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7 thoughts on “Which mobster am I? Give me a break.

  1. Haha. I think your theory on why people have so much time on their hands sounds about correct. I work two jobs and social media is a part of one of them (I own a PR firm) and I still have a hard time keeping up with Facebook.

    The person who posts the most on my feed though actually has a pretty demanding job and does amazing work as an architect at a well-known firm, so go figure. Maybe some people are just better multitaskers than others.

    On a side note, it never occurred to me that those quizzes are bots stealing information. Ha! Good thing I don’t waste my time on those.

    Thanks for posting 🙂

    • There is something to be said for multitasking, working, then checking e-mail, then working, then glancing at Facebook. Actually, I seem to get more done when the day goes that way. So maybe the quizzes are good.

      • Haha yeah, multitasking keeps me alert. I get bored working on the same task for too long. I’ll still skip on the quizzes though. There are far better distractions around 🙂

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