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‘Eulalie and Washerwoman’ GoodReads Give-Away

One paperback copy of my new novel Eulalie and Washerwoman will be given away on GoodReads between November 6 and November 14, 2016 to a resident of the United States.

Here’s the link:

ewkindlecoverWhile the novel from Thomas-Jacob Publishing is a sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat, it can also be read as a standalone story.

One Facebook reader who enjoyed the book said she hopes that I’m already at work on a third book in  the series. Er, no, but maybe next year. I need a break.

Yet, I’ve had so much fun writing these novels, I’m very much tempted to come up with more stories for Eulalie, Lena, Adelaide, Willie, Lane, Joe Moore and, of course, that nasty cottonmouth moccasin.

Good luck in the give-away.



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