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‘Conjure Woman’s Cat’ is on sale today

The Kindle edition of Conjure Woman’s Cat is on sale for 99¢ today (10/21/16). Already read it? Great. Then perhaps you’ll like the sequel, Eulalie and Washerwoman.

Meet the Critters in the Books

  • Hinny – The offspring of a male horse and a female donkey. Conversely, a mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
  • Scrub Chicken – An old wiregrass region name for the gopher tortoise which was once hunted for food. During the Depression, the tortoise was also called a “Hoover Chicken.” The tortoise lives primarily in pine woods habitats and is considered endangered. According to Florida folklore, the gopher tortoise resulted when the Devil tried to make a turtle to impress God, the result being a land-based reptile without the turtle’s love of water.
  • Squinch Owl – Screech Owl.
  • Swamp Booger – A tall, bad-smelling bigfoot-like creature that lives in the northwest Florida swamps that stems from a Euchee Indian legend.
  • Two-Toed Tom – A huge, legendary alligator feared by residents along the Alabama-Florida border in the early 1900s, and said to be still on the prowl many years later. It was reportedly fourteen feet long, suspected of eating cattle and mules, and assaulting women. His left front foot was missing all but two of its toes, the result of being caught in a steel trap.



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