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How to Get Paperback Books into Libraries

“Indie authors and publishers think a lot about getting books into libraries. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a rite of passage, or a holdover of the older, traditional publishing industry. Or maybe, as in my case, it’s the awkward silence when asked, ‘Can I check out your book from the library?'”

Source: How to Get Paperback Books into Libraries – Indies Unlimited

worldcatAs a publisher, Melinda Clayton does her research so that books from Thomas-Jacob (including mine) show up in the places where prospective readers expect to see them.

Like her, the question I usually hear when I publish a new book (other than, “What pages have all the ‘good stuff’ on them?”) is “can I check it out at the library?” For a while, the answer was “yes” because I lived in a small town, worked on a city commission, and knew the librarian. So yes, my books were there.

The thing is, they weren’t in any other libraries. But there’s a way to get them there. Thank you, Melinda.



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