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The Sexist Big Reveal: Elena Ferrante

“Anonymity allowed Elena Ferrante to make art in a misogynistic world. A male journalist took that away from her.”

Source: The Sexist Big Reveal | New Republic

I enjoy Ferrante’s novels. The fact that they were written under a pen name and that nobody other than a few people, including her publisher, knew her real name didn’t bother me. What does bother me is that a misguided journalist named Claudio Gatti believes he has discovered her real name and has published his claim.

He justifies his action with lame rationale such as “public’s right to know” and (possibly) to lay to rest the fact so many people (including himself, it seems) thought no woman could write like she did: hence, let’s prove she’s a woman.

Gatti needs to retire and go to some noxious purgatory where he can discover how to atone for his sins.




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