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Out of date blog? Get rid of it.

Why do writers, associations, museums, non-profit organizations and other websites have blogs that aren’t kept up to date?

Perhaps the writer is busy or ill, perhaps the blog writer at the association or museum left the group, or maybe there are funding and software issues. These may be viable rationale–or excuses–depending on the circumstances. If so, unhook the blog from the website.

blogCase in point: Since this is banned books week, I went to the site of one of the week’s sponsors and saw the usual home, about us, issues, news, donate, and blog menu headings. I looked around for a while and thought the group was worthy of at least a few dollars of financial support. Until I looked at the blog.

Nothing had been added to the blog in five years.

Bottom line, this looks bad. It looks like laziness. It looks like the writer or organization may not even be active any more. I didn’t donate any money because my view was that if the group was still in operation and couldn’t even keep up the very first place on a website where most of us look for the latest news and events, then I’m going elsewhere.

As a writer, I always look at the blogs on writers’ websites because I want to know what they’re doing right now, what their latest books are, when new releases can be expected, and whether they’re taking part in any panels, conventions or book fairs near me.

When writers’ blogs appear long dormant, I figure the author has retired, died, or become insane.

A sane author–assuming s/he is still living–would unhook a blog they can’t keep current because out of date blogs turn readers away in droves unless you’re really famous and they see you on TV every night.



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8 thoughts on “Out of date blog? Get rid of it.

  1. I have a blog that is dormant, but it’s color co-ordinated to my other blogs. I keep hoping someday I will do something with it. So I hope you don’t mind if I keep it. I also have some defunct blogger blogs, but since they are the keepers of my 100 word stories (which I’d forgotten about until someone said how much they loved them) I might as well keep that one too. Now at least I have an excuse to give myself when my books don’t sell.

  2. Even a lady can say the word “effers” once in a while.

  3. csciarrillo on said:

    I completely hear what you’re saying… I feel the same way when I check a Facebook page for a business and it doesn’t have their basic information at least

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