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Those sickening bestsellers

Periodically I read the entire oeuvre of a bestselling author to try to see what it is that so many people finding interesting, and so far, I haven’t a clue what makes hordes people buy the books they do. Even if I did figure it out, I don’t think it would help me any. Unlike […]

via Best Selling Author Makes Me Sick to My Stomach — Bertram’s Blog

I got sick to my stomach thinking about the kids of books Pat Bertram talked about in her blog. She wants to know what lures millions of people to certain kinds of books that seem to sell better than others–and make their authors rich.

So, after taking an Alka-Seltzer, I’m feeling much better now, thank you. I still don’t understand the attraction of cookie cutter books. I supposed they’re like cookies. Once you enjoy the first, you can’t stop buying more. Maybe the same old, same old is a comforting thing even when it’s awful.

I really don’t want to break the code. Then I might start writing them myself.



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