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Don’t forget to submit your audiobooks to AudioFile Magazine

Once your audiobook is done, it isn’t done until you submit a review copy to AudioFile Magazine. The submissions guidelines are here. They’re considered “the Bible” for AudioBook reviews and it’s a big plus to get your book mentioned there. If they really like it, you might get an Earphone Award. This shows up as a pair of red earphones in the book’s review.

audiofileBIf you’re considering having an audio edition of your e-book or paperback made, this magazine is a good place to see who some of the top narrator/producers are.

A good review from AudioFile makes a great promo blurb on your website, Facebook page, and in the editorial reviews section of the book’s Amazon listing. These are added via Author Central. At present, you can only add your excerpt under the book’s e-book or paperback listing due to Amazon’s current rules. Needless to say, editorial reviews are a huge factor in differentiating between major books and self-published books.

AudioFile doesn’t review everything. I just submitted two more books to them and it’s too soon to tell whether they’ll get a review or now. Of the two books submitted several years ago, one was reviewed and one wasn’t.  Here’s what there reviews look like (naturally I’m showing you mine);


I excerpted the following out of this review for the book’s Amazon listing: “The story is high on humor but light on plot–a vehicle for sex,cigarettes, steak, and zinfandel. Stewart, a print journalist, is a likable dinosaur in a changing world.” – AudioFile Magazine

If your books are published by a small press, your publisher will probably submit the book for you. I prefer that since it’s still the traditional method magazine/newspaper reviewers receive review copies.

Good luck!




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