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Stocking up on wine and toilet paper

Some folks think writers spend their days drinking Scotch while staring off the back porch at the woods or going to all kinds of soirees and hoohaws with the rich and famous.


twistedWe’re having out of town guests in a few days. That means we’ll need more wine. It also means we’ll need more toilet paper. These are facts of life, right, so when I noticed we were running low, I stopped by my friendly neighborhood booze store and picked up the wine, gassed up the car in case my wife and I need to escape from the guests, and then stopped by Dollar General for a couple of packs to toilet paper supposedly so good, you’ll wish you needed it more often than you do.

While riding around, I was thinking about Greg Iles’ thriller The Bone Tree. The first thing I wondered in a day when novels are getting shorter and shorter is how he published a book that–in paperback–has 862 pages. I also wondered how I got pulled into the book because I don’t normally read books about killers and crooked cops. Well, he’s keeping my interest, though I don’t think I want to write him a fan letter telling him his story kept my attention even while I was on a toilet paper run. (Hmm, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean.)

Tomorrow, the doctor’s going to look at this long scar, compliments of my surgery experience several weeks ago. Truth be told, the aches and pains from that have made it hard to concentrate on my own writing. Maybe that’s why I needed a rock’em, sock-’em book.

I tend to choose books that fit my mood and circumstances. The past couple of weeks, crooked cops and killers as just what the doctor ordered. In a week or so, I’ll be back to my more sedate reading habits and (hopefully) writing again.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of “Conjure Woman’s Cat,” currently on sale on Kindle at 99 cents.



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