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Greatness in Door County – The Volkswagen Journey

“My sojourn to Door County was filled with wonders. Seeing a great lake for the first time was awesome, but other aspects affected me just as much — the phenomenal beauty of the place, frequent artistic touches, the prevalence of water.”

Source: Greatness in Door County | Bertram’s Blog

IMG_0323Author Pat Bertram has been traveling across country in an ancient VW bug that she says is older than most of the people she meets. (43 years old, I think.)

I’ve enjoyed following Pat’s trip from Colorado and the desert Southwest, across Texas, down into Florida, up through Georgia where she stopped for a brief visit at my place, over to the Atlantic Coast, and now up through Ohio into Wisconsin. She brings a sense of aimless wonder to every place she stops because, other than promising to stop and see people she’s met on line over the years–or that she meets while traveling–there’s no particular agenda to this trip.

I’m also happy we had a chance to meet after knowing each other on line for many years and participating in discussions on each other’s blogs. She’s been able to meet face to face with a lot of folks she’s known on line for years. That’s a rare treat, I think.

As for that she’s discovered on this journey isn’t for me to see. She’s seem wondrous parts of the country she never experienced before. Following her blog is almost like reading a sequel to the widely known book “Blue Highways.”

If you haven’t found her blog, I invite you to enjoy the trip. Frankly, I hope she’s going compile her posts into a book with a lot of her great photographs, possiblly with a title like Pink Hat, Turquoise Bug–will Travel.


patscarMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of “Conjure Woman’s Cat,” “At Sea,” “Sarabande,” “Waking Plain,” and other novels and short stories. In the picture my 1997 Saturn poses (along with me) with a real grandmother car.



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