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‘Jaguar Dreams’ wins Next Generation Indie Book Award for Inspirational Fiction

Jaguar Dreams, the stunning conclusion to Nora Caron’s New Dimensions Trilogy, has won the 2016 Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Award for Inspirational Fiction. I have been following this spiritual trilogy from the publication of Journey to the Heart and New Dimensions of Being in 2013 because–while Caron might categorize her stories differently–I am very partial to works relating to the heroine’s journey.

From the Publisher:

jaguar“Jaguar Dreams,” the final book in The New Dimensions Trilogy, finds Lucina in Guatemala searching for her lover who has run away. When she discovers the news that he is somewhere deep in the Petén jungle, Lucina hires an intimidating mysterious older guide named Alejandro who forces her to face more fears than she ever imagined she could handle. It is on dangerous and frightening jungle trails that Lucina at last surrenders to the greater powers that are guiding her life. In a dramatic scene, she encounters a deadly predator and transforms into a new woman, one who understands the world in a completely different light.

As always, they key is the transformation of the protagonist while on a journey that–consciously, at least–has another purpose. The foundation for Lucina’s journey and inner changes is well established in the trilogy’s first two books. Readers have seen her search and learn and grow in ways that may remind the older generation of the journey faced by the real or mythical Carlos Casteneda in the Mexican desert.

One cannot help but come away from Jaguar Dreams with a new certainty that the world is much larger and much different than it appears. I recommend this trilogy to those who love spiritual fiction and well-told stories about seekers on the path.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of the heroine’s journey novel “Sarabande,” how available as an audiobook.


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