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How do you find most of the books your read?

I’ve always had the impression that most readers find most of their fiction with very little effort. That is, their friends (on and off line), their newspaper, an on-line news site, or social media might well provide more tips and links for new books than they can afford to buy, much less have time to read.

During the time when I was doing my book-links posts for this blog called Book Bits, I had a regular list of places if checked for the latest author, book, publishing, how-to, and review information along with news. Since I was publishing a links-of-the-week kind of listing, I’m sure I looked at a great many more sites than most readers.

In no particular order, here are some places people tend to rely on for information about new books:

  1. Browsing Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble or the website of their favorite independent bookstore.
  2. Facebook, Twitter and other social-media links and chatter, with an emphasis on that people on one’s friends list are reading.
  3. Checking one or two favorite online book sites such as major newspapers that still review books, Book Page, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, and book blogs written by people with similar book tastes.
  4. Occasional news stories that surface on sites like Yahoo News, USA Today, CNN and other places that will feature authors and books that are usually at the top of the bestseller lists and/or famous.
  5. Browsing book displays in local bricks and mortar stores, grocery stories, Walmart and other places that sell paperback and hardback books.
  6. Local book clubs and other reading groups and/or discussions with friends and co-workers.

I probably discover most of my reading material via 1 & 2 above. How about you?



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4 thoughts on “How do you find most of the books your read?

  1. Almost always word of mouth, whether that’s in real life, or online.

  2. I’m not surprised. A lot of us hear about a lot of books this way.

  3. For the past year, I’ve been reading whatever is in the various houses where I stayed.

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