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‘Waste Into Print’ service now available for indie authors

Westport, CT, April 19, 2016 (Star-Gazer News Service)–Waste Into Print (WIP), a closely guarded publishing industry secret heretofore available only to bestselling mainstream authors at large publishers, has now been made available to small press and self-published authors. The automated writing assistant takes the characters, plots and themes of failed novels and transforms them into new works of fiction with no detectable relationship with their source material.

Grist for the mill. - Wikipedia photo

Grist for the mill. – Wikipedia photo

“Think of WIP as the ultimate recycling service,” said WIP founder and president Gordon Johnson. “Using physical books, e-books in multiple file formats, student exercises in MFA programs, and a few Pulitzer Prize winners for seasoning, we take the huddled masses of dead and dying words yearning to be free, and from them we create a new life.”

According to the backgrounder available to reporters at this morning’s champagne breakfast announcement, WIP was initially viewed as a service for famous writers who “felt blocked, were running behind schedule on contractually obligated deliveries of new material to their publishers or were overwhelmed by the trappings of fame and kept them writing even when they weren’t.”

While information about writers using the original WIP is confidential, industry insiders believe that the computer-generated books from Waste Into Print have spent an above average number of weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, have been favorably reviewed by major media outlets, and have won a high number of literary awards.

Although Johnson is a graduate of the former Famous Writers School, he said the WIP does not employ a “guiding faculty” to oversee his program.

wiplogo“It’s all in the algorithms,” he said. “Clients enter their preferred genre, style, length, target audience and ‘reads like’ and we hit WRITE-IT.  ‘Reads like’ is the name of the mainstream author whose style and approach most closely match the style and approach of the intended book. This feature allowed famous writers to keep sounding like themselves.”

The indie author’s version of the service, WIP-Lite, will have fewer features including ‘mandated synopsis.’ Johnson explained that while mainstream authors with multi-book contracts must often adhere to a synopsis or general plan for subsequent books in a series, indie authors don’t have this obligation. “Removing the feature makes WIP-LITE more economical and keeps the needs of the anticipated new client base from over-stressing the system,” Johnson said.

Johnson, who funded Waste Into Print by selling off his family’s 90% ownership in the National Embalming School, used the beta version of WIP to create his bestselling romance Torrid, Horrid and the thriller You Bleed for You.

“WIP-LITE is the totally green service for totally green authors,” Johnson said.

Story by Jock Stewart, Special Investigative Reporter






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  1. Totally believable…. unfortunately.

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