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Going to the hospital is a good diet aid, hmm, maybe not

Went to the hospital late on Monday. Stomach was in too much pain to eat. Or sleep, for that matter. Took them a little while do diagnose the appendicitis and then get me into the queue. Not allowed to eat or drink anything. Fine, I was in too much pain to eat anything anyway. I could have done without the dry mouth.

Got bored with the TV long before they came and got me for surgery on Tuesday.  While getting rid on the inflamed appendix, they fixed a small hernia. So, three tiny incisions. But as anyone who has had abdominal surgery will tell you, the time after the operation is a slow healing thing. Feels like you’ve been punched a few times by somebody with a lot of power. And every cough and sneeze seems to involve those muscles. And don’t make me laugh, either.

I appreciated being able to have water again, but wanted little or nothing to eat. Now, here it is Friday and I’m still not hungry. I don’t even think I could eat any of my favorite meals. I’m hoping that I’ll come out of this recovery period a few pounds lighter. But even if I do, I don’t recommend appendicitis as part of a sane weight-loss program.

Trust me on this,




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2 thoughts on “Going to the hospital is a good diet aid, hmm, maybe not

  1. I agree, there are much better diets. Hope the pain doesn’t stay long and you get on your feet again soon!

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