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Heroine’s Journey novel now available as audio book

SarabandeAudioThanks to the efforts of producer/narrator Katie Otten and my publisher Thomas-Jacob, my dark heroine’s journey novel Sarabande is now available as an audio book.

The narration brings the story alive the way we used to hear tall tales told around campfires and books read to us by our parents when we were kids. It’s eight hours and fifteen minutes in length, more than enough to prop up with on the screen porch and listen a little bit each night before you head off to bed.

Book Description

When Sarabande’s sister Dryad haunts her for three years beyond the grave, Sarabande begins a dangerous journey into the past to either raise her cruel sister from the dead, ending the torment, or to take her place in the safe darkness of the earth. In spite of unsettling predictions about her trip, Sarabande leaves the mountains of Pyrrha and Montana on a black horse named Sikimí and heads for the cornfields of Illinois in search of Robert Adams, the once powerful Sun Singer, hoping he can help with her quest.



One man tries to kill her alongside a deserted prairie road, another tries to save her with ancient wisdom, and Robert tries to send her away. Even if she persuades him to bring the remnants of his magic to Dryad’s shallow grave, the desperate man who follows them desires the rowan staff for ill intent, and the malicious sister who awaits their arrival wants much more than a mere return to life.

Sarabande is also available as an e-book and a paperback from Amazon and other on-line booksellers.

Katie Otten is an actor, educator, director, and audio book narrator/producer. She currently teaches acting at the Omaha Theater Company.



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