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Should I Self-Publish?

In this post, editor Beth Hill writes: “Considering self-publishing at least one book? I can recommend the endeavor. If for no reason other than the experience, it’s worth working through the process.”

Source: Should I Self-Publish | The Editor’s Blog

bethhillOne value of this lengthy post is the comparison of the things you must do for publication via CreateSpace and IngramSpark. Perhaps one or the other works for you–or even both. This is a helpful and practical write up.



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2 thoughts on “Should I Self-Publish?

  1. Great article. The one question I can’t seem to find the answer to is what happens to the paperbacks on Amazon? Amazon will end up with two paperbacks of your book, one through their company, and one through IngramSpark, both with the same ISBN (since ours are from T-J Pub). I’m not sure how that works. I can’t even get CreateSpace to link two different sized paperbacks of mine (same book, different sizes, different ISBNs). I’ll keep searching for an answer….

  2. Sounds like it could be a mess. I didn’t see anything in the post about that either..

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