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April Fool’s Day sale – 100% off on spooky Kindle short story

Let’s have an April Fool’s Day sale for my paranormal Kindle short story “Willing Spirits.” But, I’ll cheat, and start the sale on March 30th, giving everyone three days to grab a copy for free. Check my math, but I think that’s 100% off!

willingspiritskindlecoverBook’s Description: When a high school student named Prudence waits until the last minute to write a book report, she finds help from an unlikely source: the dead author. What could possibly go wrong?

The story behind the story: Patience Worth was a spirit who showed up via a Ouija board in St. Louis in 1883. She had much to say about day to day events. But, she also wrote novels and poems, some of them critically acclaimed.

Pearl Curran channeled her and seemed to have no way of knowing what Patience knew about ancient history, nor any training that would have allowed her to write what Patience wrote.

So, in modern times, meaning more or less right now, a high school kid living in St. Louis has procrastinated writing her book report about one of Patience Worth’s books. The report is due tomorrow and, well, maybe there’s a way to get it done.

I hope you enjoy the story and don’t try contacting Patience Worth at home.





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