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As always, I appreciate all of you who stopped by to read posts this week, with a fair number checking out the one about Maya Claridge’s new book. My publisher will be giving a talk at upcoming the Deltona, Florida book fair. Unfortunately, that’s about a nine-hour drive from here; otherwise, I’d surprise her by showing up in the audience.  And then there are the extraordinary people who read about my new Kindle fairy tale and zoomed over there to buy a copy of “Waking Plain.”

As for those of you who ended up in the SPAM queue for trying to sell me viagra, cocaine and SEO solutions, life is tough.

  • thebluesI’ve been working on the sequel to “Conjure Woman’s Cat,” and that has meant listening to more blues and gospel music. The songs are copyrighted, of course, so I can’t use the words. It’s nice to hear them, though because they define both the conjure woman and a lot of her customers. They just naturally live the blues in a segregated state (Florida) where the KKK is strong and a lot of the public officials are corrupt. This was in the 1950s.
  • KIndle cover 200x300Meanwhile, the audio book versions of “Conjure Woman’s Cat” and “Sarabande” are almost complete. The narrators are vastly different, but they’re both doing a great job. The narrator for “Sarabande” had to contend with some non-English words and the narrator for “Conjure Woman’s Cat” has actually been singing some of the blues songs I wrote for that book. Boy, do they bring these books to life for those who love to hear stories as though a storyteller stopped by for a drink and a meal in exchange for an evening of tall tales.
  • WakingPlainCoverI suppose I should find a niche for my writing and stick to that. But I’m sort of a chameleon writer and enjoy doing something different each time out rather than sticking to one genre.  “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire” is comedy satire, “The Sun Singer” and “Sarabande” are contemporary fantasy, many of the short stores are paranormal or folk tales, “At Sea” is realism (mostly) and “Conjure Woman’s Cat” and its sequel are magical realism. I know a lot of readers want authors to stick to one thing rather than writing one thing and then another thing. But I find that each story idea has a certain melody about it, a genre that fits, and it just naturally does that direction.

facebookI’ve tried to stay out of most of the political debates on Facebook, mainly because everything is so polarized there that it’s difficult to express opinions that have more shades of grey in them as opposed to being 100% this party or that party. And then there’s the tragedy is Belgium. There’s not a lot I can say about that other than taking innocent lives to advance a political philosophy goes against what most of us believe is rational and moral. So, I retreat into my writing while many of you probably retreat into your own jobs, hobbies, chores, and (hopefully) a little bit of reading.

There’s rain in our forecast this afternoon, but on the plus side, I have leftovers to heat up for dinner and plenty of books to read (and write). I hope you have a great weekend.





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