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I guess this is a twisted fairy tale

You’ve read “Sleeping Beauty.” A faerie is discounted at the big celebration at the castle so this hot princess chick ends up sleeping until a hunk of a prince shows up and kisses her. She wakes up and they get married before they know anything about each other except for the hot/hunk equation.

WakingPlainCoverAs a writer, I’ve always wanted to turn that story upside down. So I did. It’s twisted, but not in an overly cruel way.

Let’s say you’re a prince and that mom and pop, the king and queen of the realm wait for a long time to have kids and when they do the result is you. On your naming day, they forget to invite the boss faerie. She comes anyway and curses you.

You sleep for a century. If a beautiful queen kisses you, you’ll wake up and the two of you will be married.

There’s a fly in the ointment. You’re not a hunk. You’re as dull as dishwater to put it bluntly. Out of kindness, the visiting queens who see you decide it’s better not to wake you up because (frankly) you’re too damn plain.

Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist. You can find the story on Kindle.



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