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One thing and another on a Saturday afternoon

The chilling news is that the world is running out of single malt Scotch. However, as an author, I can’t afford single malt Scotch and will keep my fingers crossed about the availability of inexpensive blends like Cutty Sark.

  • MRCbarndoorSo far, I’ve seen nothing on line from J. K. Rowling in response to the upset from Indian nations about her use of their myths and legends as though they are fantasy. One headline seemed to sum up the feeling: “We are not magical.” I understand why that was said, but don’t agree with it inasmuch as “magic” is used by many writers to refer to anything that can be observed that mainstream science does not as yet have an explanation for. This doesn’t absolve Rowling, however, for her apparent appropriation. My two cents about that.
  • Harper Lee’s will has been sealed by the judge. That’s probably a good decision. I’m less sure about the Lee estate’s decision to discontinue the mass market paperback that schools have relied on for years. Do the heirs need money? (An editor at the “New Republic” told me the contract probably required periodic renewals and was simply allowed to lapse. The magazine’s story is here.)
  • In my own world, the audio book editions of Conjure Woman’s Cat and Sarabande are moving forward as the narrators upload finished chapters as they go. My publisher is happy with the results to date. Sadly, my poor hearing keeps me from getting much out of audio files, so I don’t listen to most of the narration. Audio books do seem to bring stories alive for a lot of people, so I look forward to the completion of the new editions.
  • I continue work on a sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat, but don’t expect it to be ready soon. I have no idea why it’s taking longer to write than the first book.
  • From my other blog, you may like Facebook Suffering Typewriter Infestation and Rolled Carpet: Dead Body Not Included.
  • You will probably be happy to know that my alter-ego “Jock Stewart” has resisted the urge to contribute satirical posts to this blog about much of what’s been happening in the Presidential debates. It’s tempting, but I don’t want the NSA, CIA and FBI monitoring my posts any more than they are already.
  • If you’re a writer, I hope you write a lot of good stuff this weekend. If you’re a reader, I hope you read a lot of good stuff this weekend. If you’re neither, why are you reading this post?


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2 thoughts on “One thing and another on a Saturday afternoon

  1. eliseskid on said:

    I feel Jock’s pain. So exciting about the upcoming audio books. I’ll will look forward to listening in the future.

  2. It’s hard to stay quiet with all the politics going on.

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