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‘Sarabande’ is on sale on Kindle March 3rd

This dark contemporary fantasy about a young woman’s journey away from ghosts and abusers into the wholeness of becoming a survivor will be 99¢ on Kindle tomorrow.

From the Book

SarabandeCover2015As the great horse shot through the night as swift and sure as cedar arrow, his feet barely touched the grassy shoulder of highway number two in the domain of Montana. Thunder rumbled far away, indistinct, yet somehow technology borne in the labyrinth of fog. Gentle sparks of light darted within the world’s white folds, reminding her of minnows at the edge of a lake.

When Sikimí plastered his ears back as they crossed over a small creek, Sarabande instinctively grabbed onto the saddle horn. The highway blazed hot with light. The fog tore away with the screech of a Hawk Owl. Then she heard the horn. She was neck-reining Sikimí farther off on the shoulder and was glancing over her shoulder into the twin suns of a mammoth truck when the earth moved.

Review from Big Al’s Books & Pals

“Sarabande is an amazingly well told tale of redemption that starts off with Sarabande seeking Robert Adams help to settle Dryad’s haunting torment. Her quest starts off well through the dimensional divide and Mr. Campbell’s poetic prose is spellbinding as he paints a picture of Sarabande riding Sikimi through the night sky. Things then go terribly awry in a horrific set of events. Sarabande must draw on all of her inner strength to survive.”

I hope you enjoy the story!



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