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Lit Links: Tanith Lee, Margaret Atwood, Love Letters from Your Writing,Times suit

Here are a few quick links for your Friday afternoon. The biggest news was, perhaps, the announcement about Rowling’s new Harry Potter book, the script of her screen play. I didn’t include that because if you’re a Potter fan, you probably already know about it. If you aren’t, then you’re probably not going to buy the book anyway.

  1. TannithObituary: Prolific Fantasy And Science-Fiction Writer Tanith Lee Has Died, by Bill Chappell: “British science-fiction and fantasy writer Tanith Lee has died, according to her publisher. Lee, 67, was a prolific author who also worked in radio and television; her dozens of books include Don’t Bite The Sun and Death’s Master — the latter of which was part of her popular Flat Earth series.” NPR
  2. Interview: Margaret Atwood speaks about hope, science and writing about the future, with Ed Finn: “The Future Library is in itself a very hopeful thing because No. 1, you’re assuming that there will be people a hundred years from now. That’s a big hope. No. 2, you assume that the forest will grow. You’re assuming that the library will still be there. You’re assuming that people will still be able to read and that they will still be interested in reading. All of these are very hopeful emotions to have. It is a vote of confidence in the future.” Slate
  3. VisitingAuntRubyCoverNew Release: “Visiting Aunt Ruby,” a new “Tate’s Hell Stories” short story from Malcolm R. Campbell was released today on Kindle. Everyone needs a bawdy aunt like her to keep them on the straight and narrow–or, at least, laughing. Thomas-Jacob Publishing
  4. Viewpoint: Why Is The New York Times Suing Over an Art Book? by Ben Collins: “The New York Times is threatening to sue a small publisher for an alleged publishing infraction, but what motivation really lies behind the lawsuit?” The Daily Beast
  5. valentineroseFeature: More Love Letters from Your Writing, Nadxi Nieto: “Writers, each Valentine’s Day we like to remind you that your neglected writing also needs a little love.” Electric Literature

Speaking of love, have you bought your spouse and/or lover a card and an exciting Valentine’s Day gift yet?

Okay, if you want to read about J. R. Rowling’s new book, click here.



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