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New ‘Tate’s Hell Series’ short story to be released Friday, February 5th

My new short story “Visiting Aunt Ruby” will be released February 5th on Kindle by Thomas-Jacob Publishing. This is the fifth story published in the Stories from Tate’s Hell series. The story will be available for 99¢ and free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

From the Publisher

VisitingAuntRubyCoverWhen David travels to north Florida to see his girlfriend, Anne, he also meets her Aunt Ruby and learns that a secret lurks behind her Scotch whisky and her stories. The secret is Anne’s secret, too.

An old guidebook on the coffee table in the salmon-colored doublewide claims he’s entered “Florida, land of flowers, of radiance, of joyous days and dream-touched nights.” Time will tell. They eat meatloaf and key lime pie as a storm rolls in off the gulf coast and scatters the light in the aging trailer park.

Everyone needs an Aunt Ruby, a somewhat bawdy but loving relative who counteracts the sanitized version of life we get from our parents, teachers, and each other.

About Tate’s Hell

Tate’s Hell is a Florida state forest located in the panhandle counties of Franklin and Liberty. With diverse habitats, including a notorious swamp, it’s named after the legendary Cebe Tate who was killed by a rattlesnake while hunting a panther there in 1875. The swamp was badly damaged by logging interests up through the 1960s but is now being restored. It was a favorite place of mine. Ruby lives in the fishing village of Carrabelle on the edge on the swamp.

Other News

Our narrators are making great progress with the audio book editions of Conjure Woman’s Cat and Sarabande. Click on the titles to see book trailers that will tempt you to grab up copies of the audio books as soon as they’re available. Focusing in on the background of the Conjure Woman’s Cat trailer is a zen experience.

When I wrote The Sun Singer and Sarabande, both of which are set in the Montana mountains, I never figured I would write anything set in the Florida Panhandle where I grew up. But then, for no reason I can fathom, I started thinking of coastal and piney woods stories. It’s been fun telling stories about another place I know well.


emilycoverIn addition to Conjure Woman’s Cat and the Stories from Tate’s Hell series, Malcolm R. Campbell is also the author of Emily’s Stories available in paperback, e-book and audio book.

Emily’s Stories is “safe” for families an teens.


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