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‘Conjure Woman’s Cat’ is 99¢ on Kindle on February 4th

The Kindle edition of Conjure Woman’s Cat, from Thomas-Jacob Publishing, will be on sale for one day on February 4th. What a great time to pick up a copy and see why Amazon’s reviewers like it.  The book tells the story of Eulalie, an aging 1950s conjure woman, who battles the KKK because the local police don’t bother to investigate crimes against Blacks.

Here’s an excerpt to tempt you

KIndle cover 200x300“Eulalie said she needed her beauty sleep because she was old. When Eulalie told me she was older than dirt, I thought there was always dirt so there was always Eulalie who remembered all her years. She remembered when the good Lord twitched His nose as though the wind blew pepper into it and created dirt. She remembered when the Bogot people—beloved family—hid from the U. S. soldiers, when that writer Zora asked her to share rootwork and other secret things, when the original old man Tate was still a child in Sumatra, when Moses wrote his secret hoodoo books, when Coowahchobee stepped out of the Creator’s birthing shell and first saw the wonders of the world.

“She deserved her sleep.

“Even though I saw no sign, the smoke that stole out from beneath the cook pot was calling its own, I kept my eyes open and only half slept. I half saw folks passing the gate, sometimes more than once, hoping we’d take down the sleeping sign. Some brought money; most brought overflowing baskets to trade for herbs, oils and hands. The pot marigolds woke up moments ago, so Eulalie would wake soon to those needing our skills.”

Copyright (c) 2015 by Malcolm R. Campbell



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