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It’s difficult to write with all that hammering

The company that built our current home last year finally sent out two people to take care of (we hope) the uneven floor in the hallway and the kitchen. We reported the problem in June and they finally decided to address it.

repairmanIssues like this invariably get in the way of one’s writing. First, anything that’s not going smoothly in one’s life tends to interfere with the creative process until the thing is resolved. If getting it resolved is maddening, it’s hard to get it off one’s mind. This problem isn’t confined to writers, of course.

If you work at home, having repair people come out is a disruption. First, the time they show up is something like between 8 a.m. and noon or between noon and 5 p.m. That places one into a waiting mode. When they show up, they create noise and other disruptions.

That’s when I turn from actual writing to research. I spent the morning looking up more information for my work in progress. There’s always plenty of stuff to look up, especially if one’s book is set in the past and slang, clothing styles, news of the day, and other such things need to be nailed down.

If you write, what do you do during a day when you’re waiting for repair people and then waiting for them to stop all the noise and finish their work? Can you keep writing? Or, do you head out to Facebook and play games and leave comments? Or, better yet, is there something productive you can do so the day’s not a total loss?

  • Adding more information to your website.
  • Updating your Amazon author’s page.
  • Fine-tuning your page.
  • Finding new sites to add to your Pinterest boards.
  • Looking up things you need to verify for your short story or novel.

Obviously, leaving the house isn’t an option. So, anything that makes productive use of the time at home is what I’m searching for.

The writing biz has plenty of fun and tedious chores attached to it, so when the repair people show up, I pick one of those chores and try to get it done. That feels better than a day spent playing Angry Birds.


KIndle cover 200x300Coming soon, an audio edition of “Conjure Woman’s Cat”





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