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Okay, here’s where things are at as of this moment of the eternal now:

  1. KIndle cover 200x300Work continues on a sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat. It’s about half done, so if you’re my publisher it’s too soon to be checking e-mail for the continuing exploits of Eulalie (conjure woman) and Lena (her cat).  As I work on this book, I wish I’d kept a journal when I was growing up so I didn’t have to spend so much time researching what I once knew…the slang of the era, the year a book or movie came out, the headlines from a specific month. Meanwhile, we (my publisher and I) are actively working to bring out an audio version of Conjure Woman’s Cat. And, coming soon, we’ll be having another reduced price day for the Kindle edition of the book.
  2. I’m seeing a lot of flash fiction and fan fiction contests these days, and just can’t motivate myself to enter any of them. I’m not sure if it’s because–in terms of fan fiction especially–I don’t see the point of it, or if I’m afraid it will derail my work on the main books.
  3. SarabandeCover2015Thanks to Big Al’s Books and Pals for reading and reviewing the new edition of Sarabande and then posting the review on Amazon. This is contemporary fantasy about a young woman’s journey to the land of the dead to confront her sister is both a sequel to The Sun Singer and a standalone novel. “How is that possible?” you might ask. It’s my second story with the same group of characters, though I didn’t want those interested in the story line to feel they had to read The Sun Singer before they could jump right into it. If we can find a reader who can pronounce the Blackfoot words in Sarabande, we’ll see if we can bring out an audio book edition.
  4. For years, I’ve considered writing a third book to go with The Sun Singer and Sarabande as part of what we’re calling the Mountain Journeys Series.  Perhaps I’ve been scared of that book because it features a character who knows a whole lot about magic, the “big picture,” and where things are at in the universe as it really exists. I have asked my muse just how the hell I’m supposed to write that book since I don’t know all that stuff. The answer isn’t yet clear.
  5. dreamofcrowscoverMy Tate’s Hell Stories are about a Florida Swamp named Tate’s Hell. Makes sense, don’t you think? These more or less come from the area where Conjure Woman’s Cat is set. You can find them on Kindle: Snakebit, The Land Between the Rivers, Carrying Snakes into Eden and Dream of Crows. These are all free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
  6. Sad to say, I’ve been unsuccessful in convincing the publisher of several of my older books that it would help new readers find some of my work by having an occasional book sale. That’s why you haven’t seen a 99-cent deal mentioned here for Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire or Emily’s Stories. They’re very different books. The first is a comedy/satire about a reporter looking for a missing race horse and the second is a set of three stories about a young girl who talks to spirits. I’m very fond of both books and think we’re missing the boat by not having an occasional sale. Sorry about that, but I’ve tried.



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