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Stupid Spammer of the Year Award

Okay, there’s not really an award, or if there is, I’m not funding it.

spamawardBut if I handed out such an award, it would go to the clown who thinks he’ll get my business by sending me a comment that says, “I see, your site needs fresh and unique articles.”

Then he goes on to say how hard it is to write these articles “manually” when he can send them to me (automatically, I guess).

I wonder if he scrapes his material for these articles off the bottom of his shoe and/or steals it from other bloggers who won’t notice the plagiarism and then offers it to the rest of us for a small fortune.

Those of you who’ve stopped by this blog more than once already know that my eccentric approach to it isn’t going to blend smoothly with Joe Spam’s automated “articles.”

My suggestion to Joe–for our mutual benefit–was “don’t call me and I won’t call you.”

Now, if Joe has stuff that will get me discovered by whoever the hell’s in charge of discovering people these days, I might take a look at what he has to offer. I’m always waiting for Jo Rowling to call and ask if I want to co-author a book with her about just about anything.


Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of all kinds of stuff that came from writing stories and articles manually one word at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid Spammer of the Year Award

  1. eliseskid on said:

    I feel the same way about telemarketers. 🙂

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