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Today the Sun Singer is traveling through Pinterest

As Joseph Campbell prescribes, I step into Pinterest where there is no path, for any path already there would be somebody else’s path. It’s better to wander, and sometimes to wonder why people pin what they pin and set up the boards they do.

joyoftravelboardSome of the boards are fascinating and I marvel that anyone thought to create them, much less to find so many pictures for them. Other boards are weird. I feel drawn to them like people want to see what’s happening with a traffic accident they pass on the freeway. And then there are the boards which remind me of junk mail. I never open junk mail. Some people do and I have no clue why. That’s how I feel about the junk mail boards.

Yes, I’ve set up some boards. They mirror what I write about and care about: travel, fantasy books, miscellaneous posts from my blogs, writers’ resources, crown of the continent, the natural world, my book covers, conjure, my publisher, books I’ve enjoyed, the hero’s journey, Florida, and jazz and the blues.

Pinterst can be addictive, like reading the dictionary or a dictionary of slang or a dictionary of quotations: you want to top looking, but you keep finding new stuff. The Internet seems designed for people get sidetracked, pulled from one link to another. Pinterest is a prime example of this, especially when you first log and are confronted with a whirlwind of images.



Where should I go first? Sometimes I don’t go anywhere first because there are too many choices. I look at my own boards instead and wonder whether I’m in a mood to add anything to them. I really have no idea why I add things to these boards because they’re not the best thing since fire or white bread. People follow them, though I have no idea why. I don’t know whether they like the boards as they are or like seeing new stuff. When I add three or four items, I wonder if I’ll get a message from somebody saying “enough’s enough.”

On Facebook, I often want to tell somebody “enough’s enough” after seeing them fill up the timeline with a new update every minute for hours. Do they really think we want to read all that? I wonder about that, too, whenever I add too many new pictures to a board in any given day.

So why am I on Pinterest? I don’t know. Well, yes I do, actually. Somebody who believed s/he was a guru said writers need to be on Pinterest. In fact, this person claimed to get 95% of his/her sales from Pinterest. How can that be? I can’t create 20 boards, one for each book, and fill them with ads, promotions and other junk mail. That’ll look like SPAM and if I saw another author doing it, I would get the hell out of there. I’ve tried to limit by shameless promotion to this board:



Okay, well I did put a picture of the cover of Conjure Woman’s Cat in the conjure board. That seemed reasonable without drifting over the line into the “enough’s enough” zone.

  • If you’re an author, do you ever go on Pinterest?
  • If you’re not an author, do you ever go on Pinterest?
  • Either way, do you know why you go there?
  • Have you set up any boards and have these boards felt like a tedious chore or a relaxing hobby to maintain.
  • If you’re an author, have visitors to your Pinterest boards zoomed over to Amazon to buy 10000000000 copies of your books? Why or why not?

As you can tell, the whole Pinterest thing is in limbo.








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