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In 2015, I’m happy that so many readers and reviewers discovered my little novella called Conjure Woman’s Cat. Y’all bravely accepted the premise that a cat could narrate a story about a disturbing time in our history.

This book represents a long-held dream of mine to write something about the world I grew up in, a world where nature was wondrous and most of the people were wondrous except for those who thought they were better than others and used violence in a misguided attempt to prove it.

The first three chapters of this novella were nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

My oldest novel The Sun Singer, which is available only on Kindle now, has been free at various times during the year. I appreciate all the downloads. The first edition of this novel was a finalist in Foreword Magazine’s book of the year.

Many of you who have read the book probably already know that the title comes from a famous statue in Allerton Park in Illinois. I dreamt about that statue for years before I figured out I was supposed to write this book.
Finally, 2015 saw a new edition of Sarbande that–like Conjure Woman’s Cat–was published by Thomas-Jacobs. The book is set primarily in Glacier National Park, Montana. While it continues the story of several of the characters from The Sun Singer, it can easily be read as a standalone novel.

Also in 2015, I brought out the Kindle short stories “Dream of Crows,” “Carrying  Snakes Into Eden,” and “Snakebit” along with a new edition of The Land Between the Rivers (three stories) in a series we have called “Tate’s Hell Stories.” Tate’s Hell is a Florida Panhandle preserve on the Gulf Coast.

In progress is a follow-up novella to Conjure Woman’s Cat as well as a third book in the “Mountain Journeys Series.” I’m happy that my publisher claims she is a very slow writer because that makes it easier for me to work on my own books at a snail’s pace.

Thank you for supporting my habit.

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