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This and That, Holiday-wise

  • I’m always relieved when the last box of out-going Christmas gifts is at the post office. Fortunately, my wife does all the gift wrapping and I seal up the mailing packages and take them to the P.O. Unlike the days when we lived in metro Atlanta, our small post office doesn’t have 100000000000 people in line with packages.
  • christmas3Okay guys, I’ve already seen one post from a person who doesn’t realize that the 12 days of Christmas begins on the 25th, not twelve days before the 25th. I guess we’re so far away from our traditions that people know twelve days are involved but not when they are or what they’re about.
  • My wife and I are among the handful of people left on the planet who send our snail mail Christmas cards and a Christmas letter. This is getting about as old fashioned as cursive handwriting, but it’s a good way to keep up with various relatives and friends who don’t have Facebook accounts and already know what we’ve been doing during the past year.
  • We’ve had cats for years. That means we haven’t had a Christmas tree for years because–well, you know why. I miss the trees, but I don’t want a cat free house.
  • She gets more PR in one minute than I do all year. Pshaw.

    She gets more PR in one minute than I do all year. Pshaw.

    After reading that Kim Kardashian has dropped 17 pounds since giving birth, I issued a news release saying I also dropped 17 pounds when a sack of groceries slipped out of my hands at Safeway. So far, nobody’s carrying my story.

  • When my wife and I planned several hundred bulbs in the front yard a few days ago, we had more evidence that we’re not as young as we once were. (We didn’t mention this in the Christmas letter, but digging all those holes made us feel older than Christmas.)
  • Work on the sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat seems to be going along slower than Christmas. My story, and I’m sticking to it, is that I’ve been busy planting bulbs and mailing our cards and gifts.
  • claxtonKroger was mobbed this week. What the hell’s that about? It’s not like that’s the in place for buying last minute gifts. Perhaps people are buying fruitcake this year. (Don’t start with the jokes.)
  • In recent years, I’ve posted a satirical Twelve Days of Christmas poem on Facebook–one item per day. Last year, by the time I got six days into the thing, people were begging me to stop. Time to re-think this. After planing all those bulbs, I need a break anyway.
  • So far, winter in Georgia has been mild. We really don’t need a white Christmas here. If we get one, we are (fortunately) far enough out from Atlanta not to get in the traffic panic that occurs after two or three people see snowflakes blowing in the wind.

Here’s hoping you’re having a great holiday season.



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2 thoughts on “This and That, Holiday-wise

  1. I hope those bulbs that you planted weren’t light bulbs!
    Don’t worry about those 2 or 3 people seeing snowflakes: they’re all up here clogging up traffic.
    I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying the season!

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