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Cleaning the spam queue is like mucking out a horse stall

“Mucking out a stall is the process of cleaning it by removing soiled bedding, old food, feces and urine. Horse stalls must be cleaned at least once a day when occupied by a horse. Stall cleaning is not a difficult task, but it does take time and physical effort to accomplish. The cleaner your stalls are, the healthier your horses will be.”

Pets on

A clean horse stall - Wikipedia photo

A clean horse stall – Wikipedia photo

Likewise, you’ll have a healthier blog that won’t spread had spam and other viral diseases throughout the Internet if you take a little time every day to wade into your blog’s spam queue with heavy boots and a pitchfork and get rid of the crap that’s been dropped there during the past 24 hours.

Healthy horses need clean stalls. Healthy blog visitors need clean spam queues. The blogger’s code of

Clean spam queue.

A clean spam queue.

ethics states that keeping a blog sanitized for the readers’ protection is a sacred duty and cannot be left to chance, much less ignored. We’ve all been to blogs with queues that look like a bad service station restroom. That kind of mess doesn’t exactly lure your back to the blog, does it? Whether you blog for business or pleasure, the spam queue makes a positive or negative statement about the kinds of products you sell or the kind of person you are.

Just this morning, for example, I found the following load of spam in the queue:


Tell me true, how would you feel if you stopped by my blog and stepped in that?

Spam Boots - Click on the graphic if you need a pair.

Spam Boots – Click on the graphic if you need a pair.

Quite likely, you would think I didn’t keep the place clean and tidy. Worse yet, you might think all of my material is delivered here by bots that scan the web and give you less than the very best.

Needless to say, I was happy to be wearing heavy duty boots this morning when I waded into the spam queue.

I sent the originator of that purportedly original content SPAM message a sternly worded e-mail explaining why I don’t need their services:


When I run a news release on this blog, you’ll see something like “from NPS Glacier National Park” at the beginning of the post. When I highlight another person’s blog post or news story, you’ll see a link to it. The rest of the time, this stuff is my stuff.

You may not know this, but when bloggers join the WordPress family, they swear on a stack of flash drives that they will keep their blogs germ and spam free: that’s your guarantee just as sure as the “sanitized for your protection” strip across the toilet seat in a quality hotel lets you know the housekeeping department cares about you.

Repeat after me: A clean spam queue is a happy spam queue.

Anything else is pretty much a crock.


New Jock front CVR full sizeAmong other things, Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of the comedy/satire “Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire.”






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