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Thank goodness I’m not cooking the Thanksgiving dinner

I do most of the cooking in our house except for right now. Or tonight. Or whenever things have to start going in the oven, being mixed up, or whatever happens to turn a weird batch of ingredients into a regulation, Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner.

happythanksgiving2015My wife and sister-in-law are taking over the kitchen. That’s good news. Sure, I can help crumble up cornbread for dressing, but once we get past that, I don’t know what happens next.

The turkey is another mystery. When guys cook turkeys, they (the turkeys) go into a variety of slow cooker and other outside gizmos that look like rocket ships or bombs and–according to news reports–occasionally blow up people’s back yards.

Our turkey goes in a regular oval baking pan with a meat thermometer stuck in it (the turkey) and at some point basting happens and at some point the whole shebang gets tented with tin foil. (Right, it’s not tin foil anymore but I still call it that.)

At some point, potatoes show up and some kind of gravy or wine and side dishes that are various colors.

In this house, we watch the FSU Seminoles but otherwise don’t spend the day with ten different monitors keeping up with every football team on the planet. Back in my mom’s day, the idea of taking over Thanksgiving day with football wasn’t anything on the radar, so I never got brainwashed into the custom.

I do like the dinners and having folks around the table whom we don’t see often enough. We don’t text people who aren’t at the table and, while I know this is novel, we actually talk to people who are at the table without hearing an announcer in the background saying, “Oh my, the quarterback has been sacked again by a 500-pound tackle: that’s gotta hurt.”

I do promise to help do the dishes. That’s only fair, I guess when I’m not cooking the meal. We do have a lot to be thankful for in addition to the meal and the lack of texting and football: great family, wonderful friends, cool books to read, three cats, though we’re still missing world peace and tolerance.

If you’re in the States, happy Thanksgiving. If you’re not, have a wonderful day celebrating whatever you’re grateful for and the people you love.



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4 thoughts on “Thank goodness I’m not cooking the Thanksgiving dinner

  1. eliseskid on said:

    I’m with you. Traditional Thankgiving fare here, though in recent years my husband has taken over the bulk of the cooking. I do the shopping and bake the pies, and help in the last minute hubbub to get it all on the table still hot. It’s a family day. No football on TV, and the one year we had company who wanted the game on my only stipulation was that the TV got turned off when dinner was put on the table. My husband had no problem with that at all. The guest list has decreased, but we’re still there to be together, and that’s the important thing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. I’m about in the same fix in the cooking department, but I’m sure good at eating the dinners that someone else knows how to cook!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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