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Ban Before Reading by David K Shipler

How it feels to have your book suspended from a high school’s English curriculum.

Source: Ban Before Reading – The New York Times

“When Bakich called the book [“The Working Poor: Invisible in America”] Marxist and socialist, I knew that she had read it carelessly, if at all. She didn’t follow my rejection of socialism using Winston Churchill’s circuitous wit, paraphrased on Page 88 with capitalism substituted for “democracy” in his famous line that democracy was the worst system — except for all the others. Marxism I dismissed as a misinterpretation of history that had been used to elevate the state above the people.

“The two local reporters covering the story didn’t catch her mistakes, because they hadn’t opened the book to check, they both confessed.”

Even though so much of the uproar about banning books comes from parents, educators, politicians and reporters who haven’t read the books, few of them seem embarrassed when this is pointed out. But, occasionally they do see the error of their ways.



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