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The Daily Aztec : “The real loser in Nat Geo’s sale is science”

Source: The Daily Aztec : The real loser in Nat Geo’s sale is science

“In a $725 million deal announced Sept. 9, National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox joined forces to create a new for-profit media company, National Geographic Partners. The partners will control National Geographic magazine, television networks, maps, digital and social media platforms, books, and other media. The main shareholder in 21st Century Fox is media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. ”

natgeo1959This sale is a real shock for those of us who’ve loved this magazine for our entire lives. According to news reports, the non-profit society will emerge in a stronger position after the sale doing what it does best in sponsorship of education and research.

Murdock says he won’t mess with the magazine even though he’s messed with everything else he’s bought up to now. Some say the society had no choice because in spite of some highly profitable years, they saw a tsunami of red ink on the horizon.

Hard to judge that from the outside. But, we can all read the magazine that we end up with and decide where it suffers the moral and scientific and quality losses people are expecting.

This is a dark day for a historic publication even if it weathers the storms of layoffs and tinkering.



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2 thoughts on “The Daily Aztec : “The real loser in Nat Geo’s sale is science”

  1. I agree. It’s a sad day indeed!

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