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Quote of the week, or the unimportance of being Constance

“What would you do, if you married the person of your dreams, had two kids together, supported one another’s career choices, became your generation’s power couple, and then watched him go to trial and throw it all away in a few pithy comments, as if your life together was nothing more than a giant spitball to be hurled at the world for a quick laugh?”

Wikipedia photo

Wikipedia photo

I’m sure somebody somewhere said something more pithy. But my vote (not that anyone’s counting) goes to Amy Watkin for the second paragraph of her McSweeney’s essay “The Disappearance of Constance Wilde.”

We all love to quote from Oscar Wilde. But we seldom say anything about his wife and what happened to her odds of surviving once Oscar went to prison for being gay.

Constance changed her name. That was a good start. You’ll like this article, I promise.

Part way through, Watkin asks you: “Have you decided yet what you would have done? You’re sort of angry just reading this, aren’t you?” Yes I was.



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