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Dear ‘Authors’ – Thanks, but no thanks

TO: Cora, Jerri, Georgetta, Werner, Charlene, Joie, Dianna, StudMuffin, and Wilma
FROM: Sun Singer
SUBJ: Your Spam Comment
DATE: 21OCT2015

sunThank you for submitting your spam to “The Sun Singer’s Travels.” Unfortunately, it does not meet our needs at the present time. Should you be interested in commenting again in the future, we suggest you read several posts from this blog to learn more about the kinds of materials we use.

Since this blog focuses on books and writers, we seldom have a use for comments about Viagra, sex tapes, brothels, getting laid in Florida, looking for love in all the wrong places, loan shark financing plans, or recipes for re-purposing road kill.

While we cannot respond to every one of you due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we wish you the very best of luck finding a venue for your materials elsewhere.



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